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30 % gain per month in overage for a room in colocation
Price : 59 € + 2 weeks free

After your 2 weeks free, the amount of your subscription will be 59 euros per month if you opt for a monthly payment.

Cancel anytime. We will send you a reminder 7 days before the end of your trial.


       Secure order

Quickly replace an outgoing roommate !

Find and contact the right profile to join your shared accommodation !

Included in the MINI offer :

  • 15 new roommate profiles per month

  • Discover the profiles of candidates who matched with your accommodation during the last 30 days

  • Unlimited profile browsing

    • Obtain the rating of candidates' rental files

    • Discover their personality and character (% compatibility)

  • Real-time alert on profiles applying for your accommodation

  • Contact selected profiles

Features included in the offer

Features included

  • Registration

  • Creation of your profile

  • Access to dashboard

  • Browse the platform without restrictions

  • Creation and distribution of your roommate advertisements

  • Management of the distribution of your accommodation and your rooms

  • Consultation of applications and details of their profiles

  • Selection and validation of applications 

  • Access to instant messaging

  • Management of your tenants by accommodation

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