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Requests for shared accommodation increase by 4% each year

Price : 269 € + 2 free weeks

After your 2 free weeks, your subscription will cost 269 euros for 6 months if you opt for half-yearly payment.

Cancel at any time. We will send you a reminder 7 days before the end of your trial.

Secure order

Benefit of a database of scorred and qualified profiles

Save time by finding the right profiles for all your shared accommodation!


Included in the PREMIUM offer :


50 new flatmate profiles per month

Discover ALL the profiles of applicants who have matched your accommodation

Unlimited browsing of profiles

Get the score of the candidates' rental files

Discover their personality and character (% compatibility)

Real-time alerts on profiles applying for your accommodation

Contact selected profiles

Moderate your applicants

Highlight properties on the mobile application

Personalised support: an appointment with an agent every 2 months to assess your needs and optimise your search

Functionalities included in the offer

Functionalities included 

  • Register at

  • Create your profile

  • Access to the dashboard

  • Unrestricted browsing of the platform

  • Create and publish your flat-sharing adverts

  • Manage the distribution of your flats and rooms

  • View applicants and details of their profiles

  • Select and validate applications

  • Access to instant messaging

  • Manage your tenants by accommodation

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